Essential Chan Buddhism: Heart of Chan

~ in four sections ~

The Nature of the World (Samsāra)
The Nature of Enlightenment (Nirvāṇa)
What Chan practice is (Mārga)
Bringing Chan to life (Phāla)


Transmitted from India to China during the sixth century, Chan Buddhism became one of the dominant Buddhist traditions of East Asia, spreading beyond its Chinese borders to Japan as Zen, to Korea as Seon, and to Vietnam as Thiền. Though they share the same root, each tradition grew its own branch, blossoming with its own unique flavor and distinctive character. 


Come join us for an interactive 2-hour evening as Ven Guo Jun, the youngest dharma heir of Master Shengyen, shares with us in his own unique voice and distinctive style, his personal journey and insight in his practice of Chan Buddhism.


Ven Guo Jun will also guide us through some of the essential meditative practices, so that we may all enjoy a taste of Chan.


Venue:         NYIT Auditorium

                      1871 Broadway, New York, NY 10023


Date/Time: November 7th, 2012. 7pm – 9pm

Admission:  Free


Venerable Guo Jun



Venerable Guo Jun Fashi is the youngest dharma heir of Master Shengyen. After receiving Dharma transmission (伝法) and verification of attainment (印可) from Master Shengyen in the Linji (临济) and Caodong (曹洞) traditions in 2005, Ven Guo Jun served as the Abbot of Dharma Drum Retreat Center (Pine Bush, NY) for 3 years. 


In 2009, Ven Guo Jun also received transmission and obtained verification in the Xianshou (贤首, also known as Huayan 華嚴 or Avatamsaka) and Ci-en (慈恩, Xuanzang's transmission of Chinese Yogacara) schools of Chinese Buddhism from Master Qinyin of Fuhui Monastery (Taipei, Taiwan). 


Believing that intensive training brings to light authentic insights, Ven Guo Jun enrolled himself in the arduous summer and winter 3-month meditative intensive retreats in the mountains of South Korea, known in Son (Korean Chan) Buddhism as Kyol Che (Tight Dharma). These retreats bore some of his most memorable training experiences. After his first successful retreat in 1999, Ven Guo Jun proceeded with 2 more such retreats.


Emphasizing not only meditative practice, Ven Guo Jun recognized the importance of a good foundation in Buddhist theory. Besides graduating from Taiwan's Fu Yan Buddhist Institute (founded by Master Yinshun), Ven Guo Jun is also a graduate of the University of Sydney (Australia) as a Master of Buddhist Studies. 



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